Once in a Blue Moon Papa Baby Smurfette-1

Papa Smurf and Smurfette

Smurfs are little blue creatures that have to deal with a evil wizard(Gargamel), his cat(Azyel) and his sidekick.there is also a SMERFETTE!!! WHO IS H-O-T HOT!!! and a smurfly smurf! there are also smurflings and a baby smurf a clockworck smurf and smurfette!

Once A Blue MoonEdit

Once every blue moon a baby smurf i given to the them! that is how they got baby smurf! but Wild Smurf got lost when he was a new born before he got to the village thanks a lot STORK!!!!! so he became The Lost Smurfling!


They appeared in Rudolph The Red-Nosed Wrestler(Foster's Home For Imaginary Shitheads Diamond Edition)

Wild Smurf

Wild Smurf he doesn't wear white he was smurfed by squirlles he also protects the inocent....